Conventional hot water distribution systems waste a lot of energy. This is because they have to run recirculation systems to avoid Legionella build up and ensure hot water is at the tap in a reasonable amount time. 3Eflow dramatically reduces energy consumption and its associated problems. This is because pipes are only filled when a tap or other outlet is used. The effect is instant hot water without waste.

Independent testing

The 3Eflow system was independently evaluated by the Building Research Establishment in the UK. In an atmosphere controlled laboratory, 3Eflow was subjected to comparative testing against conventional systems. It was found to be the most energy efficient reducing energy consumption by an average of 50%.


There is a big problem with conventional tap water systems. You turn on a tap and have to wait for completely hot or cold water to come out. This cooled off hot water or dead leg, is simply flushed down the drain. In the average home, this happens 9000 times per person per year. As well as this, a dripping tap can waste as much as 1500 liters a year and an undetected leak can waste even more with the added headache of expensive damage. It is clear, conventional water systems are wasteful, costly and damaging.

3Eflow saves water by overcoming all of these problems. It completely eliminates dead leg by emptying the pipe when a tap is turned off, returning water to its source. The instant a tap is opened, water is deliver directly to the tap. The effect is instant hot or cold water without waste.

The 3Eflow system operates by a machine learning smart control.  It is able to detects leaks and dripping taps and then raise an alarm. So it saves water and avoids water damage.
3Eflow – efficient, safe and economic.


One of the biggest reasons for insurance damage claims, in the home, is caused by leaking pipes. In fact, In Sweden, it is the single biggest category of insurance claim accounting for billions every year.

3eflow safe and secure

When 3Eflow is installed the pipes are empty 99% of the time. An empty pipe doesn’t leak. 3Eflow Smart Control detects faults and raises an alarm to stop damage before it occurs.


Legionella is a bacteria formed in stagnant water with a temperature between 20-45°C. The 3Eflow system engineers out the problem of stagnant water and creates an environment where it is virtually impossible for bacteria to form. Here´s why:

  1. When a 3Eflow system is installed the distribution pipes are only full when a tap or other appliance is in use. This means when water is in the pipes it is always above the secure hygiene temperature of 50°C
  2. There is no water left in pipes that would stagnate, allowing bacteria to grow.
  3. When a tap is turned on, only fresh water comes out.

Independent testing

The Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) conducted comparative testing of a 3Eflow installation. Two identical buildings in Piteå Northern Sweden were compared. One building was fitted out with a conventional hot water system the other was fitted out with 3Eflow.

After the systems had been installed for one year, pipe samples were cut from both installations. The conventionally fitted system was infested with Schlegelella bacterial, a more resilient and heat resistant bacterial than legionella. With Schlegelella biofilm established it’s just a matter of time before more harmful bacteria such legionella contaminate the system. The 3Eflow installation was found to be completely clean.