Smart Home

IoT with 3E the streaming service of tap water

The 3E flow system functions by a machine learning smart control. The smart control is the brains of the system. It regulates the operation of the system when any outlet is opened or closed. But, it doesn´t stop there. As the system is equipped with a number of sensors it also offers an array of potential benefits.

The system is able to detect, measure and store, the temperature and volume of every drop of water at every outlet. Thus it is able to provide detailed data down to each individual tap, apartment or room. This feature offers a number of benefits to consumers and home owners as well as energy and water suppliers.


  • App controlled plumbing system – turn system on and off for maintenance or emergencies. Left something on while away on holiday? Just turn it off with the app.
  • The system is able to detect dripping taps, leaking pipes and fitting, as well as blocked filters and other maintenance issues.
  • Individual metering and billing right down to every tap.
  • Measure 100% of a buildings water consumption
  • Measure 50% of a buildings total energy consumption.
  • The system can enable hot water system optimisation. Activating boilers when customer behaviour shows patterns of highest demand.
    Enable full collaboration with energy companies for supply chain optimisation.
  • Optimisation of water supply system operation and future infrastructure planning.
  • Data mining with Machine learning and Statistics for 3E intelligence™ and to improve other systems efficiency including boilers and taps.